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Ceramic Mezuzah case, a contemporary piece of handmade Judaica with loving attention to details.


In Jewish tradition, the Mezuzah case holds a parchment with verses of prayer, and placed on the doorpost of a house as a sign of faith, in Hebrew we call it Klaf. The Hebrew letter “Shin" symbolizes the word God, or the “Guardian of the Jewish doors”.


Our Mezuzah case is known for its minimalist and modern design, the letter "Shin" can be decorated with real Silver, 24K gold, or to be left with no fill, it has a 3D twist and shown completely when approaching to kiss the Mezuzah. Its a stylish way to enter your home, it makes a great Jewish housewarming gift, and a chic Jewish wedding gift.

> Materials: Handmade Ceramics.

> Mezuzah case Colors: Cream White / Light Turquoise / Dark Grey  / Black.

> The letter "Shin" fill: 24K Gold / Silver / No fill.

> Designed and Handmade in Israel.




Small Mezuzah

Centimeter Length: 11 cm, Width: 2 cm, Depth: 1.5 cm

Inches Length: 4.3", Width: 0.8", Depth: 0.6"

( Suitable for 10 cm scrolls​ )


Medium Mezuzah

Centimeters Length: 15.5 cm, Width: 3 cm, Depth: 2 cm

Inches Length: 6", Hight: 0.7", Width: 1"

( Suitable for 10 cm / 12 cm scrolls​ )


Large Mezuzah

Centimeters Length: 18 cm, Hight: 2.5 cm, Width: 3.5 cm

Inches Length: 7", Hight: 0.9", Width: 1.3"

( Fits 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm scrolls​ )


Extra Large Mezuza

Centimeters Length: 21.5 cm, Width: 3.5 cm, Depth: 2.5 cm

Inches Length: 8.4", Width: 1.3", Depth: 0.9"
( Suitable for 10 cm / 12 cm / 15 cm / 20 cm scrolls )


Extra - Extra Large Mezuzah

Centimeters Length 28 cm, Width 5 cm, Depth 3 cm

Inches Length 11 inch, Width 1.9 inch, Depth 1.1 inch

( Suitable for 10 cm / 12 cm / 15 cm / 20 cm / 25 cm scrolls )

* The Extra-Extra Large Mezuzah case is made by order, we can't accept exchanges and returns for this item.


> How to place it to the doorpost?

There are two stripes of strong double-sided adhesive on the back of the mezuzah. It is Weather-resistant and can be used outdoors or indoors. In order to place the mezuzah just clean the doorpost from dust with a dry cloth, peel off the red stripes from the adhesive, put the scroll inside the mezuzah case, and place it.


** The scroll is not included.

Add a Kosher Mezuzah scroll, handwritten on a fine parchment by a licensed Sofer Stam here in Israel, rolled in a protective pouch.

> Scroll sizes available: 10 cm / 12 cm / 15 cm 

> Interested in a kosher scroll without a Mezuzah case? CLICK HERE


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Mezuzah case

Mezuzah Color
Mezuzah Size
Kosher scroll
  • Mezuzah

    Mezuzah size

    Scroll (Klaf) Size


    11 cm long

    2 cm wide


    10 cm

    15.5 cm long

    3 cm wide

    10 cm

    12 cm


    18 cm long

    3.5 cm wide

    10 cm

    12 cm

    15 cm


    21.5 cm long

    3.5 cm wide

    10 cm

    12 cm

    15 cm

    20 cm


    28 cm long

    5 cm wide

    10 cm

    12 cm

    15 cm

    20 cm

    25 cm