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A box set made for the “Matter of fact” Exhibition.


“Lapid” was one of the greatest Israeli ceramics factories. Its dinnerware could be found in almost every kitchen in Israel.
In the 1980s, after five decades of operation, the Israeli government opened the market for import, and the factory was closed shortly afterwards.
In this project, we wanted to bring the “Lapid” spirit into our times. We imagined which materials, techniques and inspirations would have been used by “Lapid” today.

We’ve created a box set of 5 trays stacked on top of one another. The main element was our modern interpretation of the “combs” engravery technique, vastly used by “Lapid”. The modularity of the box set allows the trays to be used as a group or as singles - creating a variety of compositions. 


The Process
To achieve the unique Lapid touch, we’ve created a dedicated set of laser-cut combs. It allowed us to create unique engraves that reveal the original ceramic color through the colorful engobe layer. We also created a unique device to accompany the combs. It ensured a quick and sustainable manufacturing process, by decorating the entire box set at once.

2016-03-17 18.30.33
2016-03-17 18.24.59
2016-03-17 18.28.41
2016-03-17 18.29.12

For the final touch, we used the small combs to manually engrave bird shapes, nature and israeli landscapes on the trays, inspired by the signature elements of Lapid.

IMG_8687 copy
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