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Improvisation for 39 Bells

Installation. made for the Eighth Biennale of Israeli Ceramics

Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv 2016


Ceramic clay opens possibilities for research, material development, and artistic expression. Following Roy's study on Basalt, where he has developed an original material that produces a unique sound, we have decided to work with Basalt clay, the same material we use in our product collections in the studio.


For the Eighth Biennale of Israeli Ceramics in Israel we wanted to create an Installation that would give the option to touch and feel ceramic objects in an exhibition at a museum, something that usually is not permitted.

The idea for the installation followed thoughts and feelings we have about the society we live in today. Sometimes we feel like we are all coming out of the same molds, from the minute we are born, we go through different phases in our lives, and share the same experiences; Going to school, later high school, joining the army, and later traveling abroad, going to University, and so on. How can we be different? How does our own voice sound like?

All the bells in the installation were seemingly produced in one mold; they are identical, but different in their thickness and thus in the sounds they produce.

The spectator is invited to take part in the installation and play on the bells, and thus become part of the work that seeks to express the uniqueness of the individual in a pattern-based society.


"The rising bells on the opposite wall makes your absent body present.

The unmade sound awaits your hands. The touch lingers as an open invitaion, you are here."


From "Wet/Burnt: Matter as a Metaphorical space",

written by Dr. Eran Erlich, curator of The Eighth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics, 2016.

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