Yahalomis Ceramic Mezuzah cases with Gol
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Yahalomis Ceramic Mezuzah cases with Sil



a contemporary piece of handmade Judaica with a loving attention to details. 


In Jewish tradition, the Mezuzah case holds a parchment with verses of a prayer, and placed on the doorpost of a house as a sign of faith. The Hebrew letter “Shin" symbolises the word God, or the “Guardian of the Jewish doors”.


This Mezuzah design is modern and minimalistic, the letter "Shin" has a 3D twist, and can be decorated with 24K gold, or with Silver.


Materials: Ceramics, 24K Gold / Silver



Small Mezuzah

Length: 4.3", Hight: 0.6", Width: 0.8"

Length: 11cm, Hight: 1.5cm, Width: 2cm

Fits 10 cm scrolls

Medium Mezuzah

Length: 6", Hight: 0.7", Width: 1"

Length: 15.5cm, Hight: 2cm, Width: 3cm

Fits 10,12 cm scrolls

Large Mezuzah

Length: 7", Hight: 0.9", Width: 1.3"

Length: 18cm, Hight: 2.5cm, Width: 3.5cm

Fits 10,12,15 cm scrolls

Extra Large Mezuzah

Length: 8.4", Hight: 0.9", Width: 1.3"

Length: 21.5cm, Hight: 2.5cm, Width: 3.5cm

Fits 10,12,15,20 cm scrolls


Light Turquoise / Dark Grey / Cream White / Black.


Handmade in Israel.